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Company Profile

About Us

BOB Safety & Security Ltd. has been specializing in health and safety services for work environments such as plants, companies and organizations, since its establishment in 1998.


The company operates as an authorized expert to certificate and qualify safety professional and safety trustees, on behalf of the Safety and Health Department under the Ministry of Labor. The company also provides professional training in areas of occupational health and preparation for various emergency situations.


In addition, the company provides safety consulting and supervision services, safety surveys, safety plans, files and procedures.


The company employs top experts in their fields, as well as hand-picked lecturers, in order to fully provide the customer requirements and needs.


Following is a list of some of BOB, Safety and Security main services:

• Providing external Health and Safety specialist to the costumer, in accordance with the law-requirement of the Chief Work Supervisor at the Ministry of Labor.

• Consulting services for establishing an organizational Safety Work system according to global standards (ISO, OSHA).

• Conducting risk and hazard surveys in different areas of occupational health and safety.

• Preparation of safety management plan, in accordance with the Work Supervision Regulations.

• Consultation and accompaniment of safety in aviation work environments.

• Safety Officer training course authorized by the Chief Work Supervisor at the Ministry of Labor.

• In-house or external Safety at Work trustees training course authorized by the Chief Work Supervisor at the Ministry of Labor.

• Training day courses and professional certifications for Safety officers, authorized by the Chief Work Supervisor at the Ministry of Labor.

• Fire safety officers training course according to the requirements of the fire brigade authority.

• Firefighting training and exercises by experienced and knowledgeable instructors, in accordance with the requirements of the plant or organization.

• A variety of trainings on the subject of Health and Safety at Work adjusted to the needs of the customer.

• Organization and establishment of emergency teams – training and preparation for a variety of emergency scenarios.

• Preparation of plant files, in accordance with the requirement of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

• Development of advanced educational Safety e-learning software for the customers in different areas of expertise.

• Creating training plans in accordance with the needs of the plant or organization.

• Organization of training days on the subjects of Safety at Work and emergency preparations for different levels – managers, safety trustees, and employees.

• Expert witness services for courts and a unique expert witness training course. 

BOB Safety & Security maintains a quality management system in accordance with the international and Israeli ISO 9001:2015 standard.


The company’s customers and services include:

Teva, Electra, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Albit Systems, ELOP, Osem-Nestlé, Dell, EMC2, DSP, Vmwear, DHL, Oracle, One1, Omrix, 3M, Aroma, The Municipality of Herzliya, the Municipality of Eilat, the Municipality of Jerusalem, The Ramot Group, Derech Ha’aretz, Clalit Health Services, Michlol Solutions, Checkpoint, Philip Morris and many more.





Avraham Levi – CEO


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